Monique Doy from Dressing Room NZYou know how you shop online and you're all excited, and then the item arrives and it's too small and feels a bit like tin foil? So you put it in your wardrobe, because you paid for it right?! You think, "Maybe I'll give it a  chance..."

You try it on 5 more times over the following few weeks - just in case. Eventually it falls in to the back of your wardrobe and you find it a year later during a spring clean and think, "Why did I ever buy this?!"


Dressing Room is the fashion baby of Monique Doy, an inbetweenie and plus size blogger at After years of struggling to find fashion that looked as good on her body as it did online, Monique decided it was time to start her own store, to bring you a curated collection of luxurious pieces that feel as good as they look, classics with a twist that will be loved for years to come.

At Dressing Room you will find stunning high quality investment pieces that fit like a dream and are easy to care for. Clothes you'll love that will love you back. These pieces will become the basis of your wardrobe, and help to inform your personal style. 

We believe that fashion is for everyBODY and that's why we style women of different shapes and sizes. Check the Fit Guide and you will see our models measurements to help you decide which pieces will feel great on you. Beautiful clothes that fit like a dream bring us joy, and we are here to make that happen for you. Email us your measurements and we can help you pick the perfect size. 

At Dressing Room we favour NZ designers and manufacturers who go gently on the planet. Do you know where your clothes are made? We do! Just around the corner in fact. 

WARNING: You may get sick of hearing "Where did you get that?!" If you need a stack of business cards to hand out, just let us know ;) 

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Ready to transform your wardrobe with clothes that love you back?