Meet Monique

My name is Monique Doy, I am the driving force behind Dressing Room, which stemmed from my Inbetweenie and Plus Size blog, 'Dressing Up'. 

I am in love with fashion. I adore beautiful prints, clothes with texture and the confidence that comes with feeling 'Put together'. I've always believed that any day is an excuse to dress up and celebrate because YOU ARE the special occasion. As a woman who fluctuates between a size 14 -18, it's pretty easy to feel like even though I love fashion, it doesn't love me back. Trawling through stores that don't make clothes to fit me and seeing my friends buying clothes I love that I can't have, is really disheartening. I wanted to create the 'Dressing Room' of my dreams, where the clothes are made of the luxurious fabrics I love, they are of a high quality and will last, but most importantly, that they fit and will move with my body. Because that's what women deserve. 

I grew up with a Plus Size Mum (Maureen) and spent countless hours trying to help her find clothes she would love that would fit. So often Mum would settle for something that just wasn't her, or felt old fashioned because she had no other option. Women should not have to put up with that. We want clothes that fit, that help us show our personality on the outside, and that take us into our day with a bang. Mum has recently come on board as the Dressing Room Business Manager and brings with her a wealth  of experience in the rag trade as well as being able to put up with my crazy! 

There are so many incredible women who have jumped on board to bring Dressing Room to life, I am passionate about working with other entrepreneurs. I'll list them below - they all come highly recommended!

I know you'll enjoy shopping with us just as much as we'll enjoy seeing you rock your style in your Dressing Room pieces.

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The Team 

Garment production and design support provided by the ever talented Lissette from Libertine & Tantrum.

Nykie Grove Eades: 
Nykie is an Auckland based professional photographer who has been collaborating with me since the early days of the Dressing Up blog. Her photos are stunning and she is a dream to work with. Nykie also takes stunning family photos.

Graphic Design
Shayna Peat, Repeatable
Shayna is one of those designers that is just 'inside your head'. She is a visionary of modern graphic design, from logos to websites to print work, she does it all!

Digital Strategy and Facebook Advertising
Rachel Gronback, Clever Social

Business support:
Rachel Lewis and the women of The Women's Entrepreneur Network:
Without the support and advice of the amazing business women of the WE Network I never could have gotten Dressing Room underway in such a short time. If you are a NZ Woman is Business, join their Facebook Community for business support. 

Christine Sheehy,
The copy for this website was edited by Author and Copywriter Christine Sheehy.